Our drive from good and better to best

With a solid background in sales, sales training, complex business environments, leadership programs, human behaviour and coaching, we have helped a great number of customers to achieve rock solid results with lasting effects. From SMB companies to leading global firms. And yet,…

And yet we thought we can do better. Too often, we have witnessed that we could not integrate our practical and valued sales process with the existing CRM application to support sales professionals at the moment of need. Having to work with CRM/SFA systems that don’t follow your daily sales process is not only regarded by sales people as a heavy administrative burden, but moreover, it neither improves nor supports a sustainable sales improvement for the company.

From good to better is not good enough for us. We want to help our customers to be the best. As sales experts we all know that the real learning starts outside the classroom (the 80-20 rule). Retention and reinforcement of sales training after the training is critical to its success. Too often this has been ignored, as a result of lack of budget and time, but also a lack of vision, expertise, the right tools and leadership.

We wanted to get off the beaten tracks of ineffective sales training and failing CRM adoption and offer sales professionals smart tools and solid support at the moment of need to win deals. For our customers we wanted to make sure that they could assess our rich sales expertise and leverage the knowledge available within their own organisational walls.

Therefore we, ArdensSales and RMG Solutions, have joined forces to found ArdensSoft with one clear goal in mind; to develop smart tools for sales professionals to win deals.

About ArdensSoft

ArdensSoft is a B2B software company that designs and develops professional sales tools and provides professional services for sales professionals. We pride ourselves on developing not the just state of the art and robust cloud software, but deliver relevant, practical and easy-to-use sales tools and services to satisfy sales professionals.

ArdensSoft has a small core team that practices an agile and collaborative development approach, with the sales professional in the driver’s seat. We have a solid network of leading software professionals, user interface designers, social, mobile & web technology savvy engineers and a great number of seasoned sales professionals throughout the world. This gives us the ability to move fast and allocate the best professional to a particular challenge. All with one goal in mind: provide sales professionals with the best tools to win deals.

Our mission - Sales applications with a passion for sales

We help sales professionals and sales organizations to improve their sales performance. Smart, fast and easy. We do this by developing cloud software and mobile applications designed with the sales professional in the driver’s seat. Our solutions ensure that:

  • Sales professionals can make their numbers with a smile on their faces;
  • Number of sales training days can be minimized;
  • (Existing) Sales Processes and sales expertise can quickly and seamlessly be integrated into current CRM / IT systems;
  • Sales acumen is safeguarded within the company;
  • Sales knowledge can be easily shared in a smart and fast way within the organization;
  • Sales professionals will value and embrace the use of technology to win deals.

Our business partners

Our partners are key to our success. We love to work with people that have the guts to get off the beaten tracks. We consider our partners to be our true co-travellers on our mission and not just resellers or dealers. In close cooperation with our partners we want develop and design better tools and better programs to serve our customers with their sales challenges.