About dealGPS

Win more deals and bring a smile to your face

We all know that Sales professionals’ DNA does not lend itself to administrative duties. They feel that the tools are too techie, provide too much control to management, introduce too much burden to bear and last but not least, they feel it doesn't help them to win deals and to enjoy the job they like to do best. dealGPS helps you to win deals and brings back the smile to your face.

For sales professionals, by sales professionals

dealGPS is developed by sales pros for sales pros. At DealGPS, we are dedicated to design, develop and deliver smart sales performance support tools with the sales professional in the driver's seat and his challenges in mind. Sales professionals deserve better!

dealGPS brings value to your whole organization. In addition to the field sales officers, dealGPS helps sales managers to coach their team to achieve sustainable results. As a member of the management team dealGPS provides you with real-time dashboards with all the information you need to proactively and successfully drive your organisation.

dealGPS is built on our proven 'DRIVE SELLING' sales methodology. However, we can customize and seamlessly integrate your specific sales methodology with our dealGPS cloud software open platform. So no need to learn a new sales language and adopt a new sales process. Your investment will be safeguarded.

Deal Expert Database - Clear actions, the right questions

Only one thing counts in sales; win the deal. Our smart and adaptive DEAL EXPERT DATABASE, with proven insights of top sales professionals, provides frontline sales with smart and knowledge-based actions on what to do next, who to approach and which questions should be asked to win deals.

In addition, the smart Sales Call and Meeting planner help the sales person to be well prepared for the meeting. It also includes a comprehensive and proven questions database with compelling questions to ask during each sales call.

Last but not least, who loves to do sales call reporting? After the sales call, the salesperson can easily access the simple and smart Sales Call Report App to simplify the administration of the call in just a few minutes. Their opportunity plan will automatically be updated and administrated. In brief, smart actions and questions to win deals. Smart, fast and simple! By the way… Ask your CRM vendor if they can offer this smart option...

dealGPS sales software

Stand-alone or integrated in your CRM system

If you don’t have a CRM solution or if you’re still working with Excel sheets, you can start using dealGPS immediately. dealGPS is a secure SaaS application hosted on Microsoft Azure. It requires almost no investments. So just sign up and use dealGPS. Explore the dealGPS solutions and get started now.

If you do have a CRM system, but you have not experienced a noticeable increase in revenue and are facing adoption issues, dealGPS can be seamlessly integrated with almost any CRM system. It will not only boost sales productivity but will also significantly increase the value of your CRM system. Contact us now and get informed about the possibilities.

The added value of dealGPS versus CRM/SFA applications

Unlike CRM/SFA systems, dealGPS is a smart sales tool that proactively helps you to move your deals forward, providing you with smart actions on what to do next to seal the deal. This proactive approach really helps the sales professional fast, smart and simple in his daily work. dealGPS also improves the adoption of the CRM system and the quality of its data.

dealGPS vs CRM / SFA systems

Sales performance app

This is your daily starting point. The dashboard provides you with a real-time overview of your business at a glance. From here you can browse, analyse and access all information about your accounts, opportunities, sales calls, contacts and planned activities. This helps you to decide which actions, account or opportunities need your attention.

Sales opportunity planning app

This helps you to win more deals and shorten your sales cycles. Like pilots, sales professionals are offered proven checklists and intelligent navigation suggestions to plan a fast, safe and successful business deal. The Sales Opportunity Planning App is an essential and valuable application for sales professionals. It provides you with unique Deal Qualification Checklists, Opportunity Insights and Strategy development plans, Critical Issues analyses, Competition Analyses, Buying Process Analyses, Win Probability Assessment and Win Probability Improvement.

Account planning app

This helps you to manage and grow your existing or new key accounts to achieve sustainable business relationships. The Account Planning App helps you to have a deeper understanding of the customer’s mission, the senior executives and their responsibilities. It also helps you to identify business critical issues and ‘hidden’ business opportunities.

Sales call planning & reporting app

The Sales Call Planning & Reporting application helps you to prepare and develop a meeting plan and agenda based on specific meeting objectives. It helps you to approach the right people, focus on the most critical issues and formulate and generate compelling questions to ask during the meeting. After the meeting you can easily access the simple and smart sales call report app to assist you with the administration of the call within just a couple of minutes. Your opportunity plan will automatically be updated.